"Any architectural project we do takes at least four or five years, so increasingly there is a discrepancy between the acceleration of culture and the continuing slowness of architecture. "
-Rem Koolhaas

Communication and collaboration in the field of architecture is becoming increasingly globalized, digitized, and standardized. Architects must be prepared to work at an international scope through increasingly complex media and in increasingly more dynamic and integrated design processes. If we are to be proponents of architectural design, we must look to past architectural precedents for guidance, intrepid new technologies for potential, and time-tested biological processes for inspiration.

Collectively and individually, national and international culture is evolving faster than ever before. If architecture and design is to keep pace, new methods of idea proliferation and dissemination must be embraced. This blog will endeavor to present new ideas, conceptions, projects, and theories from the perspective of an architectural design student immersed in an ever-changing world.

I welcome all comments and I hope that the designs and concepts presented in this blog will spark new commentary and developments regarding contemporary design ideas and potentials, and in doing so I hope that global culture will respond in due course, influencing the way we shape and perceive the world around us. It is reasonable to attempt to compensate for the slowness of all design processes, especially in the field of architecture, and ideally to merge the development of culture and design on one collinear, focused path to the development and betterment of society as a whole.

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