5007 Steps

It takes 5007 steps from the stoop of my apartment to reach the farthest point of Prospect Park and to return home. I can usually make the journey in forty-five minutes.

It’s great to have a rhythm and a routine. Even the familiar sites of a favorite path through the city make life that much more enjoyable.

I only have two weeks left in New York. How quickly this time has gone! There’s lots left to do here, but I am beginning to realize that one person can’t do everything.

I shaved all my facial hair last week and it feels strange to have long hair now that I actually have to comb. I don’t think I’ll keep it long when I get back to school. Maybe I will.

I finished Catcher in the Rye. It only took one day. I loved the setting since I could recognize all the New York locations, but I think the book is pretty empty. Maybe I’ll blog about it later. I’m not sure if the book is even worth blogging about.

One last note: lots of love to Weezer. As a Lost fan I was overjoyed to see the show get 12 Emmy nominations and even more overjoyed to see that my second-favorite band will be releasing it’s latest album Hurley with Jorge Garcia’s face on the cover. Listen to the song here.

You stay classy planet earth.


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