Week 1 Pictures: Habari means Hello

Habari ya asabuhi Perspective! Eish, you don't sound so good - what happened to your throat?... burned it eating extra spicy chutney?? You don't say! Here, tell you what, try this naartjie, I have an extra few from the Rose St. corner market and it might help your throat - they only cost one Rand each!

How about we look through those photos today... Yes, certainly. You don’t mind if I just use your laptop again do you? Thanks man... Say, is this your family as your desktop background? And you say they are also all off on their own adventures this summer as well, eh?

Yes, I can tell you love them very much. That must be your brother on the left. In California this summer on an outreach mission project... I’m jealous! But this must be your sister right by his side... she’s the one working as a camp counselor this summer, right? Catching fish and going hiking with high school students?! I couldn’t imagine!... Ah, but look over here – yes, your mom and dad... From how you describe them I couldn’t imagine better parents.

I seem to have found the photos from your first week in Kenya and Tanzania. Mind if we just browse through?... Yes, I also know a bit of Swahili, asante sana...  if you like I can make up some stories to go along with the photos when we look through them!

the GREAT Rift Valley - this massive fault stretches all
 the way from Southern Africa to Israel

Kibera... the dirty side of Kenya... Africa's second-largest
slum is home to over 1M Kenyans.

Roche Health Center waiting area

RHC supplies - nothing is thrown away

Cincinnati! The permitting process in Kenya is
quite different from the United States

Typical road. Our drivers are amazing.

Desert dishes in the middle of the Great Rift Valley.
Imagine giant satellite dishes in Yellowstone National Park
or perhaps radio towers in the Grand Canyon.
Is there an equivalent in the US?

Reflect-Sean says: there was a lot of rain

High tide at Lake Victoria

There were a few bugs also

Sunset... and the end of photos for this week
 tune in next Wednesday for week two!

Our amazing drivers pose with Jeff

Fat Joe... the Chuck Norris of our travels

Fat Joe can start his car just by looking at it
Fat Joe can inflate tires with his breath
Fat Joe asks border officials for their papers
When Fat Joe goes on safari, animals line up to watch him
Fat Joe doesn't drive, the Earth rotates beneath him
When Fat Joe was on co-op in Tanzania he built the Shirati Hospital

Thanks for meeting up this morning before work, Perspective. It sounds like you had a fantastic first week in Africa, and what a blessing to have spent it with such guiding professors, passionate students, and excellent drivers too! Sorry for all the Fat Joe jokes.

Take it easy with that throat hey! And here, take another naartjie for the road! Thanks, I hope you enjoy a happy hump day too, see you next Monday!

Naartjies, a great and nutritious South African snack

-quote of the day-
"Given that 90% of the work for humanitarian design is in emerging markets, shouldn’t we be training our future professionals for this scenario and in this scenario? We need to be looking at systems to bridge the global inequalities in design education, while teaching community-led practices that are at the heart of humanitarian design"
-Cameron Sinclair

-listening to: Adelaide by The Ranks-

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  1. Jambo, rafiki! This makes me what to return to Kenya so badly! The Great Rift Valley is truly incredible!