Illustory: Second Sunday on Main

took place this weekend on Main Street
an urban community in Cincinnati, Ohio

My brother and I took it upon ourselves to go out 
and bring a little social experimentation 
to the Main Street crowd: our challenge:

an illustrated story

Here's how it works-- 
my brother and I invited passers-by to share one sentence-- 
then we wrote down the sentence 
and then the passerby continued on their way
(I did a little doodle of the person so we could remember them)

We did this 24 times, 
and to keep the story flowing
we shared one sentence 
with the passerby
but only one sentence  
from the individual who shared before them.

Second Sunday Illustory
written by 
the good people of Over-the-Rhine

It was a beautiful day in Over-the-Rhine, but no one knew what was to come… 
Til they saw the boys in dresses, and they wondered what was going on. 
And that’s when they found the Cok3 
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for a free Coco Cola hat
I’ll be a bad girl for you

If you treat me right
I’ll do whatever the hell you like; and I mean anything 
As long as you promise me a job and taxes go down [hahahah] 
I’ll be yours for the rest of my life
But only if we move to Alaska
I will take you to that one place where I’ll tell you the things that I never had the courage to do. 

I will show you the things that inspire me there and ask you to support my bravery
For it is you who is my soul mate and will carry me through this lifetime. 
But only if you stop closing the beer stand early
More people would stay longer
If they knew what I was thinking
They wouldn’t be fuckin’ smilin’ right now [laughter]. 

Every day you walk down to the well, one day, the bottom’s gonna fall off the bucket
So then you’re gonna have to play a game of basketball
Discotech, break the boogie neck. 
Holy shit, what do you add to that? 
And then, he died.
And that's that.


  1. Will you all be back to do it again next second sunday?

  2. I will unfortunately be in Boston - my brother should be there next month though

  3. Haha that was awesome Nate. I love your sketches too!

  4. This is awesome! Such a neat idea