Fall Sketches

This fall I have made it my goal to do one sketch per day.. even if it's just a gestural line drawing. Three and a half months in, my drawings mostly cover architectural representation, figure/portrait, and just plain fun representational doodles. Check out some of my favorites below, and keep up-to-date by following my Tumblr sketch-a-day blog here.

The more that I explore watercolors the more I realize that less is more. Although it's a lot easier to go through and outline the character/subject in pen or pencil before coming back through to watercolor over top, often times the plain simple watercolor drawings are a lot more interesting to look at and allow a lot more room for interpretation than the crisp-line pen drawings.

Philadelphia's blue horizon

PMA at dusk

cafe lovebirds

Mt. Moriah cemetery gates

Fishtown site visit

monastery in western PA

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Lerner Center @ Penn


Fairmount Park visitor's center

the log lady

Reading Viaduct

Natalia Lena

Minas Tirith
Zaha Hadid's galaxy soho

Gandalf (more or less)


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